Catalogue Notes


Please Scroll down and click on the hammer brand that you require a tool for. If your breaker steel cannot be identified from the list please contact us – we manufacture breaker steels for most current and obsolete hydraulic hammers

The manufacture of Rockeater is based on the metallurgical design of material with controlled hardenability and a heat treatment process that would attain the requirements of the application rather than adapting readily available material.

All Rockeater tools are manufactured from top quality Alloy steels, machined and heat treated in "state-of-the-art" production facilities and techniques ensuring that each breaker steel has the consistent impact strength, hardness and ductility needed in the rugged conditions experienced in the construction, mining, quarrying and demolition industries.

Rockeater breaker steels are totally manufactured under a strict quality control management system certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 ensuring the production of superior quality breaker steels. Caldervale is fully committed to research and development as an integral part of our existence to produce the world's finest most versatile hydraulic breaker steels deserving the world wide earned reputation "THE STEEL WITH BITE".

To view our range of breaker steels please select the appropriate hammer type from the list below

All Rockeater part numbers are composed of 3 sections.

The first section starts with a letter followed by 4 or 5 digits indicating the hammer type. The second section is 2 letters indicating the tool end configuration e.g. CP = Conical Point, CE = Chisel End, PP = Pyramid Point, BE = Blunt End. The third section of the part number indicates the tool length in millimetres.

Tool End Configuration

Chisel Orientation

All Rockeater tools are manufactured to standard configuration unless you request otherwise.Please see section GUIDES for more

Tool Specials and Custom made tools

If you have a particular requirement or a special job application we can custom make tools custom to suit your needs.Please see section "OUR PRODUCTS" .